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We have earned a reputation among a wide range of clients for personalized service and effective and timely execution of search objectives. We have placed over 800 professionals who have stayed with their new employers for two years or more, and we have a 100% success rate on retained searches.

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AGS Group Limited is a privately owned executive search firm which started in Hong Kong in yr 2012, and its wholly owned subsidiary 深圳艾达人材数码科技有限公司, a Digital Recruitment in Shenzhen was set up in yr 2021 with focus in providing web3 and digital HR solution

While us currently recruits IT talent for diverse fields, including Web3, our new stream of functional recruitment will focus on Web3, Crypto, Blockchain, and AI space.

AGS Group (AGS) focuses to build “depth” with clients, working with them in more locations and more levels in their organizations, anchored on a give-and-take approach and unrelenting commitment to put clients’ interest ahead of ours. We are also faster than others since we know the market better: Our number of days to complete assignments, at an average of 58 days, is much shorter than that of other international search firms.

We committed to developing the best local resources with world-class standards. Our consultants are all composed of local talent with strong local networks and intensive knowledge of the local market. We are empowered by a well-integrated Asia-wide network that enables us to pool resources with greater speed and responsiveness, reduce cost of hire for clients, provide value-added services and work as a team seamlessly across borders – over 20% of our searches are Pan-Asia searches.

While we do not specialize in any particular industry or function, our core competencies are in handling senior level positions including CEOs, CFOs, Regional Heads, General Managers, Functional and Business Heads such as Sales/Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Production and R&D. Approximately 49% of our clients are US multinationals, 34% are European multinationals, and the rest are large local conglomerates.

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