AGS Group adopts a detailed and discipline strategy for each successful search. We ensure that a comprehensive research is in place to cover the widest possibility for talent from the competitive landscape within the industry. We define current up to date research coupled with our knowledge and experience to gain access to a targeted group of potential candidates.

Our approach to each executive search assignment covers a five-step process, derived from many years of experience and market research. This process can be customized to align with our client’s needs and requirements.

Objectives and Specifications

Initially, we will define the objectives and specifications with you before initiating a search. This would ensure an understanding of your business and corporate culture.

We would obtain your consensus on the position, including:

  • Scope and Responsibilities
  • Remuneration
  • Reporting
  • Management style
  • Profile of the desired candidate.

A strategy for the hiring would be developed and prepared including a schedule to ensure that the search is conducted in a timely and efficient manner.

AGS will build its search around a detailed description of the desired candidate, based on skills, qualifications, experience and personal qualities. With the experience, knowledge and expertise in the responsible markets and specialization areas, we would be able to provide you with the relevant profiles through our network of contacts and headhunting.

AGS would then identify and assess each candidate thorough a screening and evaluation process before narrowing a list of candidates for a short list.

Throughout the searching process, we will provide updates, keeping you well informed of our progress. A discussion will also be arranged to ensure the initial long list is progressing in the right direction and general feedback on our findings is given.

Interview and Screening

Once the candidates have been identified and shortlisted, they would be subjected to a thorough interviewing process. Our consultants will interview the candidates based on their years of experience in the sector and understanding of the client’s requirements for the role.

We would not only determine whether the candidate has the necessary skills, motivation and personality for the job, but also whether the incumbent will be able to fit into the corporate culture of the organization.

Presentation of Qualified Candidates for Interviews with Clients

We would facilitate client interview with the candidates upon your acceptance of the shortlist of candidates that had been put forward for your review.

We would seek your feedback both from the client and as well as the candidates acting as the bridge between both parties. AGS will undertake any negotiations that are requested from both parties and ensure that their best interests are well looked after.

Candidates Selection

Arrangements for the finalized interviews will be conducted and negotiations for the salary and benefits will be conducted on behalf of both parties to come to a mutual agreement.

Reference checks are conducted professionally by AGS and qualifications validated as necessary.

Confirmation and Acceptance

Following the confirmation of a candidate, we will follow up with both the candidate and the client to ensure that the completion of the hiring process is a smooth one. Feedback is crucial to ensure a smooth transition.

Once an assignment has finalized, AGS believes in following up with both the clients and candidates periodically to ensure that satisfaction is well received. Additionally, all outstanding candidates are rejected and given closure in a professional manner, thanking them for their time and interest in exploring the opportunity. Rest assured that AGS works on each search assignment with the strictest confidentiality.

Our execution is of the highest standards providing clients with a true dedication and commitment. We maintain strong relationships with our clients and our philosophy is based on trust, integrity and loyalty. Each search assignment is unique and the time frame involved would be on a case-by-case basis.